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Fleet Information

At Express Marine, we have a large fleet of tugs and barges to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our tugs and barges range from small inland units to large offshore units, capable of moving cargo at sea or on inland waterways. Our fleet includes Tugs with flanking rudders, Z-drives and a wide range of Barges from 5000 tons to 24,000 tons. A brief summary follows.

Express Marine Equipment includes:

  • A variety of both large and small barges
    • Bow Thrusters
    • Electrical and Hydraulic Systems
  • New and well maintained tugs
    • Z-drives
    • Twin Screws
    • Kort Nozzles
    • Flanking Rudders
  • New and upgraded operational equipment
    • New Tugs
    • Installation of JAK pinning system on Barges
  • New and upgraded navigational and safety equipment
    • All Tugs equipped with latest Navigational and Safety equipment

Express Marine continually improves and upgrades our existing equipment. We have recently completed installing an integrated pinning system on our largest tug/barge unit. This upgrade increases our operational delivery rate to better serve our customers’ needs. Additionally, Express Marine will work with you to design and build equipment to meet your marine transportation requirements.