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Offshore & Inland Contract Towing

Express Marine’s offshore and contract towing capabilities enable our customers to transport their cargos safely, reliably and cost effectively.

We currently engage in transportation of dry bulk cargos throughout the Gulf of Mexico to New England including associated bays, rivers, and harbors, for multiple Fortune 500 Companies and many smaller organizations. We have world-class experience transporting cargos throughout the Western Hemisphere and have a well deserved reputation as marine transportation experts.
Our background, experience, capability and equipment enable us to transport dry and wet bulk cargos virtually anywhere in the world. We assist our customers in analyzing their marine transportation requirements to ensure that, in this time of rapidly changing fuel, railroad, and truck transportation charges, they are provided with an array of cost effective solutions to meet their business needs. A few of the products we transport are coal, limestone, scrap material, traprock, petcoke, ash, construction waste, grain, food products, construction materials, steel, fertilizer, cement and non-petroleum liquid products.

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