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For over 100 years, Express Marine has been a family owned and operated company with headquarters in the Philadelphia, PA area.

Initially, we utilized wooden barges to transport bulk cargos. Over time our equipment and technologies have evolved to state-of-the-art tugs, barges and support equipment. We continue to move forward and currently are in the process of constructing additional state-of-the-art tugs and barges to add to our fleet.

At Express Marine, our people are the key to customer satisfaction and success. Our leadership and operating teams have significant management and operating experience gained while working throughout the marine transportation industry. Based on the results we have produced for our customers, Express Marine and our people are held in high regard throughout the marine transportation industry.

Express Marine utilizes our experience and knowledge to help our customers reliably and effectively achieve their business and bulk marine transportation objectives. Because we are family owned, we are able to move quickly and decisively to make and implement decisions that will benefit our customers.

As a key part of the Express Marine organization, our maintenance team continually maintains and upgrades our operating equipment. As part of our constant goal of providing cost-effective solutions for our customers, our Naval architecture group manages the construction of new equipment and major equipment rework.

Our fleet operating personnel are licensed watermen with excellent boat handling skills and an admirable record of accident-free operations. Express Marine has excellent working relationships with our fleet personnel. The turnover of our employees is the lowest in the Marine industry.

We are duly proud of our people, their safety record, and their dedication to our customers’ success.